Broker Referral Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of the Derbyshire Broker Referral Agreement

In consideration of the mutual promises and obligations hereinafter set forth; Derbyshire and Agent/Broker, intending to be legally bound, agrees as follows:

  1. Derbyshire agrees to pay Agent/Broker a commission, upon the terms set forth in this Agreement, for the referral by Agent/Broker of prospective buyers of property located within Derbyshire.
  2. Agent/Broker warrants that he/she is a Real Estate Agent/Broker duly licensed and in good standing within the state in which he/she resides.
  3. A commission shall be deemed earned by the Agent/Broker only if all of the following events occur:  (i) The referred buyer executes a sales contract with Derbyshire  for the purchase of an unimproved lot or home in the Derbyshire community (ii) The closing is consummated.
  4. If a contract is consummated on land then a 5% referral fee based on the sales price will be paid to the outside agent/broker for referring the customer.
  5. If a contract is consummated on a house/lot package a 3% referral fee based on the sales price will be paid to the outside agent/broker.
  6. Clients and customers previously registered with Derbyshire are not eligible for an agent/broker referral.

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