Top 5 Reasons to Live in the Tryon/Columbus Area of Western North Carolina

View of Derbyshire LakeWhenever we are helping someone who is considering a move to this area, it’s always interesting to see how they picked the Tryon, NC or Columbus, NC for their new home. There’s typically not one specific thing about these towns that they mention, but instead it’s the great combination of several factors that make this an ideal location for them.

Climate & The Thermal Belt

The weather in this area is definitely always a big draw for those moving here. All of North Carolina offers a true four-season climate.

Western North Carolina, in particular, offers much cooler temperatures and lower humidity during the summer than the coastal and piedmont regions of the state. This is certainly something that our Florida and other southern state transplants take into consideration.

One of the really interesting things about this part of Western NC is that it’s located in the Isothermal Belt. Due to its positioning in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, there is a constant hot to cool air transfer that takes place which results in milder winters and cooler summers than are found in other areas of Western NC.

This is why you’ll find multiple vineyards in the area, their vines are less likely to be harmed during the winter. It’s also why we end up with so many residents from New Jersey, Pennsylvania and other northern states. We only have about one snow day a year!

Lower Property Taxes, Housing Costs & Cost of Living

North Carolina offers residents lower property taxes when compared to many other states. This is typically a big consideration when people move from New Jersey, Connecticut, Texas, and other states known for their high property taxes.

Here’s an example, using one of our cottages that has an assessed tax value of $249,814.

The current milage rate in the Green Creek (our particular area in Columbus, NC) is .561.

Multiply the tax value x the milage rate: $249,814 x .00561

The property taxes on this 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom home are $1,401.46.

The Tryon/Columbus community also has lower housing costs when compared both nationally and regionally. Not only is the cost of construction lower in Western NC than in many locations across the nation, but the cost of land is lower as well.

Access to Local Resources & Ease of Travel

One unique aspect about the Tryon/Columbus community is that you are able to enjoy a more rural setting while still being close to everything that you need.

Multiple grocery stores, drugstores, restaurants, banks, doctors offices and a hospital are all within a 10 minute drive of our properties.

This area has fitness clubs, golf courses, a community tennis club, and other recreational resources for residents. Also, for those interested in the equestrian lifestyle, there is easy access to trainers, veterinary services, feed & tack, event facilities, and everything you could need for your horse.

Tryon and Columbus are located along I-26, which runs from east to west Charleston, SC to Kingsport, TN. The interstate provides easy access to the nearby cities of Spartanburg, SC (20 minutes); Hendersonville, NC (30 minutes); and Asheville, NC (45 minutes).

I-26 also connects to I-85, which runs south down to Atlanta, GA. Greenville, SC is only a 55 minute drive away via I-26 connecting I-85. The Greenville Spartanburg International Airport is just off of I-85, before you reach Greenville, about 45 minutes from Tryon/Columbus.

If you prefer to fly out of Charlotte, NC, that airport is just a 90 minute drive away.

Natural Beauty of the Area

Many of the people who relocate to this area talk about how scenic it is and how big of a part that played in their decision to move here.

Western NC is known for its fall foliage and mountain views. The Tryon/Columbus community is filled with reds, yellows, and oranges every autumn. You are also able to enjoy both short and long range mountain views, without having to deal with as much of an elevation change as some of the more northern areas of the mountains.

Our location in the foothills of the mountains provides a gently rolling landscape. Residents are able to avoid the building costs associated with steeper topography. For equestrians, the land is also gentle enough for pastures.

Sense of Community

The final thing that many people find important, which can sometimes be hard to judge before you move into an area, is the sense of community that a town has.

Tryon and Columbus consistently exceed everyone’s expectations in this aspect. For smaller towns, they offer a multitude of opportunities to be involved in the community, with everything from volunteer to civic to recreational-focused organizations. Residents here often team up to help their neighbors, and there is an overall friendly atmosphere.

No matter which of these five reasons are most important to you, we would definitely recommend that you to take a closer look at the Tryon, NC and Columbus, NC area.

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