A Review of Master Planned Communities: Are they really worth it?

Derbyshire LakesideOften here at Derbyshire, we encounter families who are making a decision between purchasing in a master planned community, like ours, or not purchasing in a planned community.

There are several things to consider when making that decision, with pros and cons on each side of the coin to look at.

As ones who strive to help families find the right property choice for their needs, this article will take a closer look at master planned communities and discuss the most important points for you to consider when making such a decision.


When looking at a master planned community, whether the community is gated or not, families will often note that their sense of privacy is increased in these communities. Of course, if the community is gated, you will automatically have a decrease in the amount of traffic through the area, as it will be restricted to only residents and their guests.

Even without a gated entrance, the streets of a master planned community are not going to be main roads used by the public. If the community has limited exit points, that will further cut down on traffic because non-residents will have no reason to turn into the community.


Another great feature of master planned communities is the amenities which are offered. These can range from golf to a fitness facility to lake access and nature trails. These amenities are built by the developer, and they are often maintained by the home or property owners association. Access to these amenities is restricted to residents and their guests.

Home or Property Owners Association

An additional benefit of living in a master planned community is the presence of a home or property owners association. This organization collects dues from owners and uses the funds to maintain amenities and the shared spaces in the community. They also act as a governing body in regards to enforcing the rules and regulations within the community.

The home or property owners association could also be considered a drawback of living in a master planned community. By purchasing in a community with an HOA or POA, you are committing to making regular payments to the association to support the shared costs in the community.

Covenants, Restrictions and Regulations

Master planned communities also come with covenants, restrictions and regulations. These can include everything from the lot setbacks, to architectural restrictions, to the display of lawn ornaments.

They are in place to provide guidance regarding the best use of the land, to maintain the cohesiveness of the community and to eliminate the possibility of a neighbor using their property in a way that would be detrimental to the surrounding properties.

Some may find the covenants, restrictions and regulations of certain communities to be a bit overbearing, so it’s important to carefully review these before purchasing.

All of these items should be considered when looking into purchasing in a master planned community. As always, it comes down to personal preference, but for the person who craves a nice home in an attractive neighborhood, master planned communities have a lot to offer.


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