Home Designs

About Our Home Designs

Derbyshire offers twelve home designs that property owners can use as-designed, modify to suit their needs, or use simply for inspiration for their own custom design.

Derbyshire property owners are welcomed to bring their own custom design, as long as it fits within the architectural guidelines of the community.


Derbyshire Cottage Designs Up to 2200 Square Feet

Hawthorne CottageMarigold CottageCamellia Cottage





Dogwood CottageJuniper CottageRosemary Cottage







Derbyshire Cottage Designs 2200 Square Feet & Larger

The Bluebell Cottage 2The Primrose Cottage 1Jasmine Cottage





Weaver HouseTanner HouseThe Furrier House







Square Footage Minimums

Our Village Homesites, on the right side of the lake, accommodate a minimum of 1400 square feet. Any of these twelve designs can be built.

On the Estate Section, to the left of the lake, 1800 square feet is the minimum home size, and therefore all but the Hawthorne Cottage can be built.

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A unique lakeside community in the
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