The Referral Process

We are able to handle outside referrals several different ways and can do whatever works best for you and your client.

Handled Entirely By You – You can submit a referral, we will recognize you as that person’s agent, and then we can give you all of the information that you would need to adequately present our community to your client (pdf files, mailed materials, pre-tour view of the property).

Information from Us & Tour Accompanied by You – You can submit a referral with us recognizing you as that person’s agent, and then we can send whatever information would be helpful to your client, under your direction. Once they are at the point where they would like to visit Derbyshire, we can give them the on-site information and tour with you present.

Information & Tour Handled by Us – Once you submit a referral and we recognize you as that person’s agent, we can handle all of the information coming from Derbyshire, and we can give them a tour of the community. Of course, we will still keep you informed regarding what information has been given to them and any updates regarding a tour given.

We can also do any hybrid of these options as well. As a referring broker/agent, your commission is completely protected, no matter how involved you are with the distribution of Derbyshire information or the on-site tour.

Refer a Client

If you would like to refer a client, you can click here to fill out our referral form (or request a hardcopy to fill in), or you can contact us at 828.863.2660 or

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