Best Location for Equestrians in North Carolina: Western NC Equestrian Organizations


SaddlesHere at Derbyshire, we understand that when an equestrian is considering making our real estate development their home, they also have to consider the surrounding community as a whole. Without a doubt, Western North Carolina is the top pick for the equestrian lifestyle in this state.

In addition to all of the resources in the area for the equine resident, which you can read more about here, there are also many different organizations and clubs that cater to all different disciplines.

Review of Equestrian Organizations in Western North Carolina

Trail Riding

There are two large community trail systems in Western North Carolina, CETA and FETA.

CETA (Collinsville Equestrian Trail Association) is open to those who own property that is part of the CETA trail system. Derbyshire’s three and a half miles of community trails are a part of CETA, and all residents in our community have the opportunity to become CETA members.

FETA (Foothills Equestrian Trail Association), is a trail system that opens its membership to any resident of the local area.

The combination of these two trail systems provides members access to over 165 miles of horse trails that wind throughout the foothills of Polk County.

Fox Hunting

Western North Carolina also has two fox hunting clubs, the Tryon Hounds and the Green Creek Hounds. Both clubs host social and riding activities throughout the year.

Tryon Riding & Hunt Club

Tryon Riding & Hunt Club is a non-profit organization which organizes the Block House Steeplechase, several nationally accredited horse shows and horse trials, and the Any & All Dog Show.

Foothills Riding Club

The Foothills Riding Club is an equestrian club which plans educational and recreational activities such as presentations, clinics, schooling shows and other mounted programs focusing on dressage and combined training.

Carolina Carriage Club

The Carolina Carriage Club organizes and hosts several horse driving trials each year and also hosts social events for members.

Blue Ridge Hunter Jumper Association

The Blue Ridge Hunter Jumper Association plans various competitive events for members of all ages.

River Valley Pony Club

The River Valley Pony Club is Polk County’s local chapter of the United States Pony Club. They provide a program for youth in the area that teaches them riding skills along with how to care for their horse.

Western Hunter Pace Series

The Western Hunter Pace Series is a series of competitive horseback rides held at a variety of locations throughout the Western Carolinas. It provides riders an opportunity for friendly competition and the ability to see many properties across the western side of both South and North Carolina.

TROT – Therapeutic Riding of Tryon

TROT is a great program that is part of FENCE (Foothills Equestrian and Nature Center). It is a riding program teaching horsemanship skills to adults and children with physical and developmental difficulties.

Western North Carolina provides so many opportunities for equestrians to plug in to their community. There’s definitely something for everyone, and many of the riders we know in the area belong to multiple organizations. If you are looking to make your home here, you are certain to find yourself surrounded by plenty of likeminded friends.


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