Considering relocating to North Carolina? Here’s what you should do.

Relocation House KeysTypically when we have visitors come to Derbyshire to view our community, they’re already a few steps into the relocation process. However, every once in a while, we receive a call or email from a person who is just beginning to consider relocating to the area. We’re always happy to give them our advice for making the transition. Below are the steps we recommend for those making the decision to move to North Carolina.

Reasons People Relocate to North Carolina

Aside from needing to relocate for a job, there are several reasons why North Carolina is on the top of many people’s lists. The most important reasons tend to be: Mild Four-Season Climate, Lower Taxes, Low Housing Costs, and a Lower Cost of Living. If any of these appeal to you, then you should probably consider looking at North Carolina a bit more closely.

Consider Which Region Would Suit Your Needs: Mountains, Piedmont, or Coastal Plains

The Mountains of this state offer incredible views, cooler summers, fabulous fall foliage, and opportunities for light-medium snowfall in the winter.

The Piedmont region is centered around Charlotte, which is the major metro in the state. In addition to being close to that center of activity, there are also other cities in the region that are great shopping hubs, including High Point (furniture).

In the Coastal Plains you have access to many of the east coast’s nicest beaches. There are also many well-known waterfront towns, such as Wilmington, that are making a national name for themselves as a vacation (and relocation) destination.

Vacation in North Carolina…Often

After you have an idea of which region might be the location of your new home, one of the best ways to decide that an area is right for you is to visit. We would take that a step further and recommend that you visit during each season (if logistically feasible).

Since North Carolina has a true four-season climate, that’s a few trips a year, but it will give you a good feel for what the area is like year-round.

While in Town Chat Up the Locals

Once you’ve picked out some areas in the region you are interested in visiting, we like to suggest either staying in a local bed and breakfast or smaller hotel near the center of town since you tend to have more interaction with the locals in that situation.

You really need to talk to many different locals to get the scoop on the area that you are considering, so you don’t just get the tourist’s view. Not that you’re going to be digging up dirt on the town, but they’ll be able to tell you about which neighborhoods are best, what the local schools are like, and what there is to do on the weekends (once you get past the top vacation activities).

Finding Your New Home

When you have settled on a location, you need to find the right person to help you find the perfect home. Do some research on the local real estate agents before picking one (this is where talking to the locals can come in handy).

The right agent will be familiar with the particular area you are interested in, listen to what your needs are, and be able to present some good options that suit your requirements for a new home.

Act Like a Local Before You Become One

Once you’ve started the process of finding your new home, start doing things that you would do if you already lived there. Subscribe to the local newspaper, and then you’ll be in the loop. Also, if you have hobbies that have clubs or groups that meet in the area that you are moving to, go ahead and get in touch with them. You’ll have social activities to participate in once you’re in town, and you’ll know a few people who you can reach out to if you have a question pertaining to your new town.

Overall, you want to make sure that you know as much as you can about the new area you are relocating to. After making sure the town is right and meeting the people, it won’t be a sudden transition. It’ll be one that you can look forward to and enjoy.

This is a broad overview, but if you take these steps when you are looking to relocate, you’re guaranteed to be happy in your new home. You’ll know that the area is the right fit because you’ve tried it out, it’ll provide the benefits that you were looking for in a new location, and you’ll already know some of your neighbors.



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