A Review of the Best Equestrian Real Estate Agents and Brokers for Western North Carolina Horse Owners


Brokers and Horses

Over the years here at Derbyshire, we’ve worked with many different real estate agents to help their clients find the right place to call home. Here in North Carolina, the agent that you work with is actually called the broker, and then the agent over their entire office is the broker in charge. One thing that we’ve noticed is that it really helps to find a broker who specializes in equestrian properties when you are trying to find a home for both you and your horse. We’ve realized that it can sometimes be difficult to locate just the right one, so we wanted to recommend the top equestrian brokers that we have worked with here at Derbyshire. They are all incredibly professional, very knowledgeable about the area, and they also understand the equestrian side of things, which is so important.

Ann Wigely at Sheelah Clarkson Agency

Ann Wigely is certainly one of our favorite equestrian brokers. She actually helped two of our families decide to make Derbyshire their home on a private farm homesite, in addition to bringing others to the community who were interested in a smaller homesite and the community stable. In our experience she is very hands on and will go above and beyond to assist buyers in the search for just the right property.

She is a very knowledgeable agent who has experience working throughout Western North Carolina. She specializes in investment property and land, which includes locating tracts suitable for private equestrian estates.  Although she spends her free time now with her four komondor pups, she had extensive experience in the equestrian world in California, prior to moving to North Carolina.

Lillie Brown at Town & Country Realty

Lillie Brown is a wonderful broker that we also have plenty of experience with her at our community. She currently has a listing for one of the homes in our community, and she stays quite busy with the clients who come to her looking for the perfect high end home or equestrian property.

She is actual a native to the Tryon, NC area.  As a life-long equestrian, she is completely ingrained in the horse community. Since this area is really the center for all things equine in North Carolina, that is a great advantage. Lillie knows everyone and anything that you would need to know as an equestrian moving to Western North Carolina.

Ron Piccari at Remax Advantage Realty

Ron Piccari is a broker that we know very well here at Derbyshire. He is actually one of our neighbors. He owns a 30 acre farm that adjoins our private farm homesites to the northwestern side of our community. As an broker, his focus is also on high end homes and equestrian properties.

In addition to his work as a broker, he is also very involved with multiple equestrian organizations in the area. He is an eventer and is also a member of Green Creek Hounds, one of two local fox hunting clubs. Ron is also a land owner on the FETA (Foothills Equestrian Trail Association) system, and his property serves as an access point for Derbyshire residents who hold FETA membership in addition to their CETA membership, which is the system that Derbyshire’s trails are part of.

 Bonnie Lingerfelt at Remax Advantage Realty

Bonnie Lingerfelt is also a broker who is heavily involved in the horse community of the area. With a focus on high end homes and equestrian property, she can be an invaluable asset to those who are new to Western North Carolina. Potential residents who visit Derbyshire with Bonnie are always well-informed about their options for moving to the area with their horses.

As a resident of the area for over thirty years, Bonnie is well connected in the community, and is involved with multiple equine-based organizations. She serves on the board for the Tryon Riding and Hunt Club, which hosts multiple horse shows and the annual steeplechase. Also a member of the Tryon Hounds, the other fox hunting club in the area, she has a wide variety of horse experience.


Whichever equestrian broker you pick, you will be well taken care of. These four brokers are always great to work with and will really have the knowledge to show you properties that will work for both you and your horse.


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